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Wealth Chain Capital

Wealth Chain Capital is on a mission. We want to break down the inherent complexity of cryptocurrency and blockchain, making both straight-forward, accessible, and investable for institutional clients and retail investors.

What Wealth Chain Capital Offers


Wealth Chain Club:

The first of its kind, Wealth Chain Club is a crypto-focussed, members-only platform that unlocks a host of fantastic benefits. As a member, you will receive exclusively hand-selected and verified crypto asset opportunities, as well as gain access to an array of webinars, courses, and events led by leading CEOs and industry experts.

Blockchain ETF:

The Wealth Chain Blockchain ETF tracks an index of companies focussing on blockchain innovation and development.

Venture Capital:

As an alternative to ICO, we offer a full capital raising solution to help our partners aggressively grow their business. We curate creative funding solutions to swiftly gain competitive market share and maximise company valuations.

Hedge Fund

Our hedge fund has been established exclusively to support and invest in the profitable development of crypto assets, blockchain businesses, and projects that have a positive socioeconomic benefit.

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“In the history of money there has never been a more liquid, accountable and decentralized alternative”

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