Phillip Nunn CEO

A Word From Phillip Nunn – Founder of Wealth Chain Capital

The key motivations behind anything I do are to empower, support, inspire, and educate aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Wherever possible, I like to draw on my personal experience and use all the tools I have picked up on my own journey to assist other people on theirs.

By empowering them, other businesses can work smarter, aim higher, and go further than before. We are often held back by our own narrow perspectives. But with a few small changes, these can turn around and we can unlock new ways of innovating.

The limits that restrain us are often those set by ourselves. But with the right mindset and self-belief, we can break down these barriers and make real change and progress. I draw on all these beliefs to help others think, do, and be better.

I work in two prominent sectors, Real Estate which is one of the oldest and most established industries in the world, And Digital Money, Namely Blockchain, Which is one of the newest but in my opinion the most profound. The internet of value is set to turn the whole world on it’s head. 
phillip nunn