Blockchain ETF

The Wealth Chain Blockchain ETF tracks the Wealth Chain Blockchain index which uses a 3 tier system when it comes to the equities it holds and tracks. The index will be rebalanced every 6 months in order to maintain high quality exposure to this fast moving space.

Tier 1:

Blue chip companies that have have already publicly announced that blockchain technology is being deployed into their daily operations. Companies such as MasterCard who have already rolled out blockchain API’s for selected partners.

Tier 2:

Publicly traded companies that have a sole focus on the development of blockchain technology and or the tools and infrastructure used by the blockchain industry. Companies like Nvidia & CME Group who, although do not work directly in the blockchain arena, provide products and services to the space.

Tier 3:

One of the biggest areas for growth in the next couple of years will be from private companies foucused on the blockchain and cryptocurrency space going public through traditional IPO’s. Companies such as Coinbase and Bitmain, who have already announced their intentions to IPO will give investors early exposure to the unicorns of tomorrow.